Nov 6-7

November 6

We spent the weekend at Elizabeth City. The best part were the people we met: Elizabeth and Ed on S/V “Skylark”, and Jeanette and Larry on S/V “Wye Knot”.

We, and about 12 other boats, all left Elizabeth City Sunday morning. It was good to be on the move again and to get away from banging on the dock.

We continued south, down the Pasquatank River and into the Albemarle Sound. At first the sailing was fine, but then as we had to turn more true south, with the wind directly behind, the waves were building and we were rocking and rolling a lot.

We were going to anchor off Durant Island, north of the Alligator River Bridge and before the entrance to South and East Lakes. But “Skylark” folks told us on radio it would be too exposed ( they arrived ½ hour before us) and were going to go into South Lake. “Wye Knot” draws the same depth as do we, 5′ 6”, so if they could get in, so would we be able to.

Sure enough, we all 3 put down the anchors in a lovely spot, once the wind calmed down and the clouds went away. Ed and Elizabeth gave Shuki and I a dinghy ride to the nearest solid land: a good 15 minute dinghy ride! It was to a very rudimentary boat ramp at the end of a dirt road, but we could get our 3 dogs off and walk.

Shuki gets along fine with Cali, Jeanette and Larry’s dog, and Luna, Elizabeth and Ed’s. He’s been enjoying the company.

We had to push the dinghy back out of the mud at the ramp, and since I was the one with the boots, I got the task. My right boot sank into the mud very fast, and in my effort to pull my foot out, I fell onto my back into the water! It was shallow, and I just got a bit wet, and came up laughing.

Back at the boats, we had a quiet early evening, as we knew the next day would be very long: 55 miles to Belhaven.

Nov 7 Monday (Cheni’s 20th Birthday!)

We hauled anchor at 6:30 am, as did “Wye Knot”. “Skylark” took their time getting going, and were planning to anchor again tonight in a creek right out of the Alligator River-Pungo River Canal. Wye Knot and Dror were going to Dowry Creek Marina, a little further along.

The Alligator River Bridge was interesting to watch swing open away from us as we went through. It’s very low to the water, only about 14 feet. Things were kind of boring until we got into the canal, and then it reminded me very much of the Dismal Swamp, but wider, more logs and stumps to watch out for, and a little less interesting views. But I did see a couple of deer right at the beginning. I kept waiting for bears, alas not a one, nor an alligator.

Some 20 miles later, we exited the canal into the Pungo River. We had passed a sailboat towing a smaller disabled one. The marina is in a quiet beautiful location. Serene sunset.

Off to near Oriental tomorrow, with Wye Knot.

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