10 November 2011

We arrived in New Bern yesterday at about 15:30. Don Huff, who lives across the river in Fairfield Harbor, came out on his MacGregor ( sans mast, removed for winter) to greet us and escort us to the New Bern Grand Marina at the Hilton Hotel. Oh, it was exciting, seeing New Bern from the water! And from my boat on the water! We came under the bridge , following “Wye Knot”, from the Neuse to the Trent River and came into our dock, A45. Dror’s new home.

David Hatch, our plasterer/contractor/friend, came over to welcome us and we all , Jeanette and Larry, their friend Jan (pronounced “Yan”), David Hatch, Don and his friend David, all went to the Deck at the Hilton, and had cold drinks in celebration. Shuki was very happy to see David and Don.

The sunset was beautiful, the weather perfect: in the 70’s.

This morning, Thursday, Joe Spinner, our roofer/friend, phoned and came over to check out the boat and say “welcome”. Again, Shuki greeted a known friend . Then we got a ride from Jan up to the house and gave Jeanette and Larry and Jan a tour.

The work David has done on the walls is beautiful. He has the rest of the second floor to do, and then we can get going on the trim and attic. There’s still a long way to go, and I will have to be more patient than I would like. We will not be able to move in for many more months still.

We came back to the boat and then took the dogs on a walk with us to our favorite New Bern restaurant, Morgan’s, with Jeanette and Larry. I love the fish and chips there! We went into the amazing local, vintage and modern hardware store in downtown New Bern on the way back to the boat. I got some fly paper to get rid of the flies we picked up 3 days ago in Dowry Creek Marina. Got a little surprise for my 20 year old son. Enjoyed looking at the modern stuff next to the vintage stuff like washboards and licorice.

Now back on the boat, I’m sitting with Shuki in the cockpit watching the sun go down: another beautiful sunset, in beautiful New Bern! We have arrived.

See info about New Bern here: http://www.visitnewbern.com/

Please come back to the blog in a few days to see my pictures. Rani

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