Oct 30

THE BIMINI ROOF IS UP AND FINISHED. I was getting so tired of sewing the heavy canvas and maneuvering the big panel of makrolon (polycarbonate window material). But it looks great, and the view through the makrolon window is amazing: as if it’s not there. So we can see the sail and mast with no problem. When I’ve had a bit of a break from the sewing, I’ll make the connector piece roof next, also with a big window.

We met Jason and Kelly last night as they were trying to dock their new-to-them 44′ Mason. A beautiful boat. Yes, I am a bit jealous. But I’m glad we don’t have a long full keel: turns so slowly, can’t head up well. Kelly works frequently with the navy in New Bern, so we hope to see them when we get there.

I’m so glad we missed the “little snowstorm” in the NorthEast: our son in Amherst got 12 heavy wet inches and classes are canceled tomorrow. Apparently, our town of Sharon is without power. Glad I’m not there.

We are in Deltaville, VA, at a marina with power because tonight the temperature is in the 30’s. We are running a little electric heater.

I am in the process of posting pictures on our new blog.

So we hope to make Norfolk Va tomorrow. We expect to get to New Bern in about a week or two, of course weather dependent.

We are getting used to these 8-10 hour days of sailing, doing 40-60 miles each time. But it is exhausting.

Jack’s been working the whole way down. When ever we’ve been stuck because of weather, he’s working. It’s good, at least it pays for all the marinas!

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