Oct 24

Today was a very busy day: 2 loads of laundry, going to get my thyroid blood test done, shopping for food and diesel engine oil and toilet paper ( the important things in a boater’s life!), and entertaining my¬† cousins from Baltimore. Jack barbecued steaks and chicken, I made a salad. I’m exhausted!!

Going from where the boat is at the dock to the bathroom/laundry is at least an 8 minute walk, and Shuki did everyone with me. He should be good and tired tonight.

I love my cousins, haven’t seen them for 12 years, I should keep in touch with the little bit of family we do have.

I hope we’re heading to Annapolis tomorrow, St. Michael’s Wednesday, and then we’ll see. I need to check the weather for the next few days.

This living on the boat: I think I’m finally getting into the rhythm. It’s taken all this time to begin to slow down and do things at a slower pace, to stop feeling quite so pressured, though today was not a good example. I had a lot to do, still have to put the bed back together after washing the sheets, have two sinks full of dishes ( for tomorrow once the engine’s been running and making hot water). Oh , and I washed down the boat today to get the salt off.

Jack’s been working all day, and nearly the whole time we are in a marina for more than a night. I wish he could sit back and relax, but he has stuff happening which he needs to keep on top of.

I haven’t gotten too much more done on the bimini: have to attach zippers, then connect the two big pieces to one another. Not too bad, just haven’t had the right conditions or the right time. It’s too hard to work on it down below when we’re underway, I tend to get seasick if I stay down too long.

I’m going to go make the bed, and fall into it.

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