Oct 14

We were making great progress until a couple of days ago. Now we are in  a holding pattern, waiting for some high seas and winds to calm down.  It’s frustrating, but we are at the mercy of the weather. At least we  got stuck near Jack’s aunt and uncle in Edison, NJ, which is where we  are today. And looks like we will be for another few days. Unfortunately, when I packed to come here, I really only brought enough stuff to do for a day or so. It didn’t seem to make sense to shlep the sewing machine and all the stuff with us. And there was a pretty intense thunderstorm last night, I was glad to be in a house.

We have found a way to break up the trip along the New Jersey shore so we won’t have to do an overnight. There’s a bay called Barnegat, which we checked out with TowBoat US, and we should be able to get in there. It’s at about the halfway point between where we are and Cape May. But we can’t head out until the winds ( gusting tomorrow to 35 mph) and seas (4-6, 5-7 ft) calm down. I’m going to call our new sailing partners/friends, John and Melissa and see how they’re doing. They are the folks we followed through NYC and told us about Great Kills Harbor and Barnegat Bay.

Shuki has been doing well. Before we set out, we had a few days of getting organized and fixing things on the boat. I decided to see how long it would take him to pee onboard, while we were still near his vet. He went 35 hours before he finally gave in and used the fake grass tray I had prepared! I was calling the vet every several hours, she said he would eventually go. whew. and he hasn’t been prepared to use the tray since.

When we arrived at Jack’s aunt and uncle’s place, and thankfully they love him, he went wild: running like crazy from room to room: Space! I think he only tolerates the boat because he’s with us, but prefers land. Poor thing, what we subject him to!

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