Oct 17

Tonight we’re in beautiful Barnegat Bay: coming in was interesting, as there were pretty big waves coming in (3-5ft) and an outgoing tide. But Jack did a great job. Tow Boat US guy came along side to make sure we were ok and we picked up a (free) mooring. Only about 7 other boats here tonight.

It was very windy today, gusts up to 25. We had the full genoa out, motor sailing and averaged around 6.5 knots, often getting to and staying in the 7’s! It was a long day, 9 hours of sailing. Tomorrow will be more, we have 67 miles to go to Cape May. Gotta leave at 7 am latest. Then Wed/Thurs/Friday we’ll be in Cape May waiting for the next weather window.

This is a loonnnggg trip!

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