Oct 19

We are now in South Jersey Marina in Cape May after a rather stressful night on the anchor near the Coast Guard Station last night. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to get Shuki to shore there, signs all over saying “no landing”. I tried to dingy across the way, without looking at the chart and as the sun was setting, hit some rocks and turned right around back to Dror. Poor dog had to wait until we got onto the slip this afternoon. He just won’t use his fake grass or anything else on board.

Of course, depending on the weather, we hope to carry on tomorrow. We have a good friend and work partner in Baltimore, have sent some stuff to be delivered to him tomorrow, so we will be stopping near him for a day or two.

So I’m not quite sure where our next stop will be, we’re getting kind of tired of these 9-11 hour days of sailing. We’ll see.

We got to Cape May yesterday around 4:30, and it took us an hour to sort out getting our anchor set: set it once, tangled with someone else’s, pulled it up, reset it. Last night it was really blowing, but our anchor held. Then early this morning we hear a horn blowing and Jack looked out to see a pair of boats on a single anchor dragging: towards us. They didn’t wake up, so Jack went over in the dinghy, rain and wind and woke them up. Excitement.

We are now at a slip in a marina, wanted a bit of an easy time for a day or two.

This is Jack, hijacking Rani’s email. She is walking the dog. Yes, we are spending the big bucks at a smart marina. Probably moving on friday. Tomorrow I am working and Rani is touring and doing laundry with some new South African friends.

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