Oct 20

Well, we have spent a very very windy day at the South Jersey Marina in Cape May. It has been sunny, but gusting up to 40 mph, and even in this protected marina, the boat has been rocking. We’ve been meeting some very interesting, strange, and nice people. Our favorites so far are a South African couple who , yes, sailed their catamaran from SA to the USA. They’ve been cruising and living on their boat since July 2010, are about 10 years older than us, and have a wonderful attitude to life. I spent the morning with Maureen while we both did laundry and had a lovely time, talking about sailing, life aboard, places to visit that they have been and we haven’t and life in general.  They are on their way back down south, probably wintering over in the Bahamas. Maureen and Alyn need to get over to the UK by June 2012, as their daughter is expecting her first child, and their son is getting married in September. Maybe we’ll have company to sail across the Atlantic?? If we decide we really can do it.

I am baking an apple cake in my “seer pela” , wonder pot, the first time using one in over 30 years! It’s smelling wonderful, I just hope I don’t burn the cake. Our oven is still on the blink, after Jack tried installing a new gas jet. He thinks it’s either the thermostat which is gone, the sensor, or both. (If I got that right). A new stove is very expensive, so we are trying to fix this 27 year old one first. It’s not manufactured anymore, so spares are not available, just reconditioned parts. We’re looking into it.

Looks like we won’t be heading to the Delaware River until Saturday as the winds will still be blowing tomorrow, but worse, the waves will be quite high coming around the bottom of Cape May. There is a canal which cuts through from Cape May to the Delaware, saving at least 2 hours of sailing time. But alas there is a fixed bridge of 55 feet high, and our mast is 58 feet, so that’s not an option for us.

I made a big pot of vegetable soup for dinner, and to have for another day or two. Tomorrow, I have to try to get back to sewing.

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